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Ken Kreisel is a teenage audiophile and audiophile recording engineer. Kreisel teams up with Jonas Miller who has opened one of the world’s first ultra-high-end audio salons: Jonas Miller Sound of Beverly Hills, California 90210

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Making audio history: Ken Kreisel designs and installs for Walter Becker the first M&K Subwoofer and triamped studio monitor system for the studio mixdown of Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic album. The subwoofers used specially designed long-throw dual 12” drivers mounted in a unique balanced drive configuration
Ken Kreisel and Jonas Miller launch Miller & Kreisel Sound (M&K) founded in Beverly Hills, CA. Contrary to popular rumors, M&K started its subwoofer & speaker production in the prestigious high rent district of Beverly Hills on Wilshire Blvd., not Ken’s garage
Ken Kreisel's first Direct-To-Disc recordings: Blu and Blu Jam
Again making audio history, Kreisel invents the modern day "Satellite-Subwoofer" system, The "David and Goliath" System
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In 1977 Kreisel and M&K debuts the world’s first Self-Powered Subwoofer! This model was called the Servo Volkswoofer. This idea revolutionized the entire audio industry
1978 marks the consumer audio release of Kreisel’s innovative world-class professional studio monitor speaker system design called the Satellite-Volkswoofer System. This system was originally designed by Kreisel for his own use in the M&K RealTime Direct-to-Disc recording studio. Incorporating controlled vertical directivity, a phase-focused crossover with true driver group-delay time alignment, dual-midrange and tweeter driver arrays and minimal baffle coloration, this system made for one of the most dramatic and revealing listening experiences imaginable
Long before (the term) “Home Theater” was used in a sales context, Ken Kreisel was building professional screening rooms for directors, producers and the Hollywood elite. These facilities were used for both work and pleasure and demanded that Kreisel address many of the complexities facing today’s home theater industry as far back as 1978! Kreisel’s goal was to recreate a commercial type of theater environment in the home. This experience places Kreisel at the forefront of Home Theater as it was first developing
With the 70’s popularity of audiophile recordings, Kreisel opens the FIRST exclusively direct-to-disc recording studio. This pioneering M&K RealTime Records studio made exemplary recordings by completely bypassing audio tape and feeding the live microphone signal directly to the master disc cutting lathe, totally eliminating tape noise and distortion. The disc masters then go on to stamp the individual [vinyl] LP pressings. These limited edition historical recordings are still coveted today by the world’s audiophiles. Kreisel’s first release from this new studio was titled “For Duke” (RT-101)
The 600 watt per channel German built Neumann Disc Cutting Lathe shown here was owned by M&K and operated and custom modified by Kreisel to achieve even greater sonic fidelity
Kreisel engineers and releases some of the most highly acclaimed and spectacular direct-to-disc LP's, which are still considered by the world's audiophiles to be some of the best sounding LP's ever recorded, 5 of which are shown here
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1979 and the 80’s were exciting times for Kreisel and M&K as Home Theater, Dolby Surround, Satellite Speakers, Self-Powered Subwoofers, and Digital Audio became the norm for both movie studios and home entertainment. Kreisel exhibited at professional and consumer trade shows and continually amazed the visitors and skeptics, winning over thousands of new fans and loyal customers

Ken Kreisel becomes one of the first customers to buy the Sony PCM-1600 ($40,000 in 1979), the world's first Professional Digital Audio Recorder. Here Kreisel is seen with engineers from Sony's newly formed fledgling division called Sony Professional Digital Audio. Kreisel worked with Sony engineers giving them feedback on the design of their PCM-1600 prototype units during its development in the 70's. After purchasing the PCM-1600, Kreisel set about highly modifying the unit. These Kreisel mods were later implemented into later Sony production models. Before the 1982 launch of CD's in Japan and while the world only had vinyl LP's for listening, other speaker companies were professing to be "digital ready". With the purchase of the Sony PCM-1600 for audiophile recordings and speaker development, Kreisel’s M&K Sound probably was the only speaker company in the world that really was truly “digital ready".

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In keeping with the flavor of the day, the explanations were fairly technical, and Ken Kreisel was there at every turn to explain how everything worked. The Satellite-Sub combination caught on not only as an audiophile's experiment but as a commercial success
Kreisel's M&K RealTime Records is the FIRST label to release Compact Discs (CD’s). The first releases featured Kreisel’s digital recordings of The Philharmonia Hungarica Orchestra, recorded in Germany.

At Abbey Road Studios in London, Kreisel produces and engineers a series of audiophile classical recordings with the English Chamber Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra

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Designed by Kreisel, a new innovation in subwoofer technology: Push-Pull drivers, used in M&K’s new MX Series. Push-Pull is achieved by mounting one driver physically backwards in the cabinet and wiring it backwards as well, causing both driver cones to move mechanically in the same direction. The result is acoustic cancellation of even order harmonic distortion, cleaner, tighter and more accurate musical bass reproduction, and significantly improved high-output linearity

In 1989, Kreisel introduced the industry's first push-pull dual driver powered subwoofer. Known as the MX-2000, this groundbreaking subwoofer was immediately recognized by audiophiles as a major advance in subwoofer performance. Uniquely for its day, this subwoofer combined speed and low distortion with awesome impact. The MX-2000's extraordinary articulation, thanks to its push-pull dual-driver design, made it a superb music performer that was in fact ready for the upcoming home theater revolution

The introduction of a three-tweeter phased array, (S-100B) coupled with the unique Phase-Focused crossover, set a precedent in the industry for accuracy, clarity, focus, and dynamic range. The three tweeter array gives tremendous added acoustic headroom necessary for accurate transients, while the phase focusing ensures the three tweeters and the two 5-1/4" drivers present a single, coherent, unified musical source to the listener
This rare historic picture shows M&K Vice President Chuck Back, M&K President Ken Kreisel, Dr. Lester Field, and Jonas Miller
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Kreisel introduces the industry's first compact,
high-performance subwoofer, the MX-70, featuring Kreisel's Push-Pull driver configuration
Kreisel introduces the first THX approved
single-cabinet subwoofer, the MX-5000
Dolby Laboratories uses Kreisel's Miller & Kreisel THX speakers to design and develop the Dolby Digital format, originally called AC-3
S-5000 SHOWN
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Winter Consumer Electronics Show (CES), 1995: Kreisel’s Miller & Kreisel speakers are selected by Dolby Laboratories for the world premier demonstration of 5.1 AC-3 (now known as Dolby Digital) on Laserdiscs
Kreisel introduces the M&K S-150 THX
Ultra High Performance
Ultra Low Distortion
Superior detail and imaging
Three-tweeter array for tremendous headroom
Sealed Enclosure design correctly couples with sub
THX™ Ultra Certified
Kreisel Invents the TRIPOLE Surround
Featuring a unique 180 degree sound radiation pattern with DIRECT FRONT and FIGURE-8 SIDE-FIRING drivers, the Tripole produces near perfect sound illumination for side and rear surround speaker use in home theaters!
Ken Kreisel issued a patent concerning Push-Pull Technology, Sub Servo Feedback, and distortion reduction, one of the most important patents in speaker design
Kreisel launches M&K PROFESSIONAL as a separate division of M&K with an international network of dealers and distributors catering to the world's top studios
The world's most prominent studios, producers, directors, engineers, sound designers and mixers use speakers and subwoofers designed and built by Ken Kreisel to create their soundtracks, CD's, DVD's, live musical events, and broadcasts and to insure the detail and accuracy of their mixes:
Kreisel invents a new type of high performance INWALL speaker utilizing a 12 gauge steel speaker baffle and a magnetically attached frameless mesh grille
"We selected Miller & Kreisel speakers to create the Star Wars Episode I soundtrack and they proved to be the most accurate and best-sounding monitors we have ever used."
—Rick McCallum, Producer
Star Wars Episodes I, II, III
JAK Productions
Ken Kreisel and M&K
celebrate their
25th Anniversary!
Kreisel’s first SELF-POWERED studio monitors (M&K Professional MPS-2510P) and the LFE-4 Studio Bass Management Controller
Pro Sound News does an in-depth interview of Ken Kreisel
Click HERE for the PDF 600k

Pearl Harbor : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Editing

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design


Black Hawk Down : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Mix

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design

Miller & Kreisel Sound moves to a new 66,000 Square Foot facility in Chatsworth, California
Miller & Kreisel Sound is a recipient of the coveted the absolute sound Golden Ear Award
Five-time Academy Award winner Ben Burtt’s system uses three M&K S-150s for the front channels, two MX-350 powered subwoofers, and four SS-150 Tripole surround speakers. This M&K THX system was used at Skywalker Sound to create the very first Surround EX soundtrack and was also used for Star Wars Episode II !
Grammy Award winning Producer Of The Year Walter Afanasieff uses Miller & Kreisel Powered monitors in his Wally World Studios as more and more world-class studios discover the sonic accuracy of M&K
...such as the SONY HI-DEFINITION CENTER in Culver City, California
...and 5.1 ENTERTAINMENT in Hollywood, California

Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Editing

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design

Ken Kreisel is inducted into the Beverly Hills High School Hall of Fame, Class of '69
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Chicago : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Mix

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design


Kreisel introduces the Column Surround TRIPOLE Speaker — an industry first — unique in that they may be placed behind a sofa (for example) therefore becoming invisible to the rest of the room!

Originally developed to fill a need in the Professional world (quick but extremely accurate monitoring of multichannel / surround sound in a "tight for space" studio "machine room"), astute engineers started taking these (MPS-45's, now the MP-4512) home to have surround sound available from ONE CABINET - and a product was born !

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Mix

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design


The Incredibles : Oscar awarded for Best Sound Editing

Using Miller & Kreisel Professional Speakers for Sound Editing / Design


Again, in 2005 as in 1998, Rick McCallum, Producer of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, uses Miller & Kreisel speakers

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—Rick McCallum, Producer
Star Wars Episodes I, II, III
JAK Productions

CES Show, Las Vegas - The Blu-ray Disc Association asks Miller & Kreisel to provide assistance with the audio for the Blu-ray demonstration. M&K set up their all-powered studio speaker system in the 20-seat theater, including 3 x MPS-2510P's, 4 x MPS-1625P Tripole Surrounds, and 3 x MPS-5310 Subs.

Once again, Kreisel is at the forefront embracing new technology, having a proud history of supporting ALL technological and artistic advances in audio


March 5, 2006 - Chris Boyes, a long time M&K user, wins the Oscar for Achievement in Sound for King Kong (Best Sound Mix + Best Sound Editing)


Ken Kreisel & the Storm Trooper.
That's Ken on the right.

HDTV Etc. Magazine writes a "Sound Wars" interview about Ken Kreisel and his Miller & Kreisel THX speakers at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch. Click HERE for the PDF reprint 820k


Sound & Vision’s 50th Anniversary Edition lists Ken Kreisel and his invention of the Self-Powered Subwoofer as #32 of the 50 Greatest A/V Innovations in the last 50 years


Director Keith Arem and his PCB Productions studio 
use Ken Kreisel's MPS-2510PK 5.1 powered studio 
monitors and subwoofers in the production of 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the highest selling video games ever. Arem & PCB also use Kreisel’s MPS-2510PK studio monitoring systems for all the other top selling video games they produce in their studio. 



  2010    Director Keith Arem and PCB Productions produce
 another big winner. With the November 2010
 introduction of Call of Duty: Black Ops,
 the Call of Duty series continues to set new sales
 records worldwide hitting the $1 billion mark in less
 than 2 months for just the new Black Ops game alone.
September 2011: Star Wars The Complete Saga sold 
more than one million units in the first week shattering 
Blu-ray sales records. For the first time, Star Wars fans 
can experience the films soundtrack in uncompressed 
6.1 DTS HD digital sound. Ken Kreisel’s MPS-2510P 
powered professional studio monitor speakers and 
subwoofers were used in the production of 
Episode 1, 2, & 3 soundtracks with Miller & Kreisel 
Sound receiving screen credits for the production 
2011    November 2011: Once again director Keith Arem and
 PCB Productions use Ken Kreisel’s MPS-2510PK 5.1
 powered studio monitor systems in their production of
 the ultimate award winning and record breaking video
 game titles. The latest to break yet another sales record
 has sold more than $775 million in its first five days of
 sales in November 2011. PCB Productions uses
 Ken Kreisel’s professional studio monitor speakers
 and subwoofers exclusively throughout their
 magnificent state-of-the-art cutting edge recording
 and production studio complex in Southern California
December 2011: New Ken Kreisel Sound and 
Design™ consumer products logo 
Click to see the Downloads  2011    Free music downloads added to the
 Kreisel Sound website

Ken Kreisel Sound and Design™ launches a 
Facebook Page 

Coming soon to a 
home theater near you 
2012    The next generation of ultimate subwoofers from
 Ken Kreisel, the awesome new
 MX-5000 Mk3™ and the MX-700 Mk3
 featuring Kreisel's new
 3D Push-Pull-Pulsar™ technology.
Kreisel HD 3D Soundand also 
The Ultimate Gamer's 
Secret Sound Weapon
coming soon... 
  2012    January 2012: World premier unveiling of the
 MX5000 Mk3™, MX5000 Mk3 Quattro
 and MX700 Mk3™ in Hong Kong
Updated 8/17/18

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